March 26, 2010

We're having a....!

In case you didn't know that already. And the baby's first photographs were taken today! This is one of the big highlights of pregnancy and definitely makes everything feel more real (as if it didn't already feel real enough). Now we've had a chance to get a look at our baby and thought we'd share the images with you.

Check out that cute little foot!

And this next photo makes me laugh - I can't believe the technician was able to capture this photo of the nose and mouth so clearly! Do you see it?

And here's a little wave to us and you. Check out the adorable profile in the next two shots. And this one looks completely different from Murielle and Sam's ultrasound profiles! Babys are amazing.

So, Mark and I have kept you in suspense long enough (but did you actually think we'd do it any other way?). I'll tell you what we're having - just do me a favor and don't refer to what we're having on facebook...just yet. We want to play the game a little longer. hahahaha

It's a boy! ♥♥♥

And in the next photo he looks like he's just noticing his hand for the first time! hahahaha!


Aunt Ritaaaaaa said...

Hahahah...LOVE your comment on the last pic!! Congratulations to you all!!
Praying God takes good care of baby boy and Estelle! *HUGS*

Aunt Rita....again... said...

First, I thought you were playing with our minds again. *nose and lips* picture. I could NOT see it. But I took my time, and yes..and SO CUTE!! (At first it looked weird, like a little monster reaching out to the right with a toothy open mouth..Side view) But YES, I see it now and LOVE IT! (the mouth and nose)hehe

Anonymous said...

Wow!!Great pics..It's such a joy to see those first glimpes of your baby.(I know those pics meant so much to me with my own.Good for all of you.Sending best wishes and big (hugs) to you, and, a congrat to your hubby!!
Umm, now, I'm not so sure how to post this but, it's fr Susan & Perry down on Deer Island

Marisca said...

These pics are so amazing!!! I especially love the foot picture! hehe. Well, and the one where he's waving! So precious :) Congrats to all of you. I hope this pregnancy goes splendidly.

Misty said...

A boy!! Congrats!