June 22, 2011

Miami, Baby.

We hit the ground running when we got home from Miami a couple of days ago and I already feel ready for another vacation!  As part of our 10th anniversary celebration, we took a 9-day vacation BY OURSELVES to Miami Beach!  It was wonderful!  We had such a great, relaxing getaway at an ocean-front hotel.  Our 12th floor room literally looked onto the beach.  I am so thankful to my sis-in-law for looking after my boys the entire time (and Murielle part of the time) and to my friend, Tina, for looking after Murielle during the school-week.  The kids were fine without us and we were fine without them, although I did have a couple moments where my heart ached to see them and hold them again.
There are lots of little details I want to share about my trip, so I thought I'd compile a "nice" and "not-so-nice" list for you.  Some of you will find this funny because you can imagine it, and some will find it funny because you've been there.  Here we go...

nice > not-so-nice

friendly strangers > strange people in weird costumes, like the half-man, half-goat                                                     

finding seashells on the beach > finding bags of mystery liquid on the beach                               

the beautiful drive through scenic Virginia and West Virginia > the long, boring drive through dry Florida     

the random "hello" > random comments like “gimme somma dat”, “you see someting fonny? I don’t see nuting fonny!”, and “heeeeyyyyy beautiful!”  

beautiful ocean waves crashing on my feet > waves of sewer smell while walking down the street

beautiful hotels with brand new everything > construction and renovation zones everywhere

driving into warm weather > driving out of warm weather

chatting with my favorite person for the 48 hour drive > listening to his favorite music (country) for some of the 48 hour drive 

having to bike and walk everywhere > having to bike and walk everywhere

breakfast at Cracker Barrel > breakfast at the Waffle House (gag)

shopping at Target > shopping at the TA

(and now just the nice, because there was way more nice than not-so-nice)

fresh coffee every morning

finding a little black dress on sale

finding my favorite online store in person for the first time

getting a mani/pedi in a soft lilac color

laying by the pool for half the day and on the beach for the other half

Overall, it was a much-needed time away.  I got lots of rest as well as some focused time to work on some upcoming projects you're gonna love!  I'm super excited about the future and I'm thankful to God that He is working in my life.  I am incredibly blessed and I don't even know how it's all possible, but it is.

I love you guys..thanks so much for coming back and reading my online journal.  ♥

Ah, yes...and for those of you who are wondering, there will be pictures to follow.  I'll do an entire post with just pictures, how's that sound?

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Katharine said...

It all sounds amazing! What a wonderful celebration!