July 11, 2011

5 kids and a giveaway!

It seems like once summer officially started we've been running non-stop around here!  BBQs, Canada Day celebrations, splash pads, Marineland, parks, Zoo, family visits, late nights, and photos shoots have been filling up our days.  And this past weekend was busy in it's own right:  we looked after our friends' two children while they took a much-needed weekend away.  What a brilliant way to keep my own children occupied for a few days!  On top of that, I did two photo shoots on Saturday morning and Mark and I went on a double-date Saturday night with friends.  Mark and I worked as a team, for sure, and it was loads of laughs and loads of fun!
And then today, we visited Safari Niagara for the very first time.  The kids loved it!  

One thing I've realized of late, is that summers FLY by.  And I think in alot of ways they go super fast because we don't really do anything significant with our days.  So this summer, I've purposed to do something fun every single day with my kids.  I know it sounds simple, but it really does take a bit of thought to make that happen.  And it doesn't have to be an outing or an expense, in fact, I think the best memories are the ones that didn't cost a thing.  It's basically about doing your day on purpose.  What are you planning for your summer?

Murielle's last day of school!

We started reading the classic Charlotte's Web this morning.  I could tell that my daughter's imagination was fully engaged just by the expression on her face.  We actually made it through three chapters!  This is significant because, I believe, this is the first book we've read together that doesn't have a picture on every single page.  They actually had to listen and picture it for themselves.  It got me excited about reading some more good literature to my kids this summer and fall.  Do you have any good novel recommendations for children aged 3 and 6?

Now, on another note, I would like you to look through my archives and count each blog post I've written.  Ok...you don't have to do that.  I'll just tell you.  This is my 200th blog post (gasp)!  That calls for some sort of celebration, don't you think?  Since I love to give things away, I'm going to do a giveaway!  

Share my blog link on facebook and then tell me you did so in the comments section of this post and you will be entered to win this sunny yellow, velvety zip pouch (perfect size for a phone, I might add)!  I will announce the winner here a week from today, on July 18, 2011!  (Giveaway is now closed.)

July 18th:  The winner (by random number generator) of this giveaway is Tracy!!!  I'll email you for your address!  :)


Kat said...

Hello Darling!

Brilliant blog post as per usual! I loved any Roald Dahl novel when I was younger which I am sure your kids would love to have read to them...Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, James and the Giant Peach, The Witches and Matilda! Love the blog!


Tammara said...

I posted your link on my facebook page and will be on my blog too :) Hope you can squeeze some time in your busy summer for the Heaslips! :)

Sheri Batourin said...

I have been reading the "Little House on the Praire" series to my girls, they love it. And no pictures, they get to picture it in their head. We have read 2 full and are into our third of the 9 book series.

Life in the Fast Lane said...

I posted the link on facebook:) I love reading to my kids, I was so excited when they got hooked on listening to books that weren't picture books! Our first book was Charlie and the Chocolate factory (a BIG hit!). We then read Charlotte's Web too, and loved it. A book that Elijah recently enjoyed was by the same author as E.B. White: Trumpet of the Swan. He also enjoyed The Stray by Dick King-Smith. Happy reading!

Life in the Fast Lane said...

I just wrote a comment, not sure it'll show. Anyhow, I posted a link on facebook:)

Lukrisi said...

I have a few cute kid books that I love reading with my kids. I got a kid-version of Anne of Green Gables, which my kids loved reading the month before we went to PEI last summer. I agree that the Little House on the Prairie books are great for any age. And I recently discovered a series by Wanda E Brunstetter about a little Amish girl named "Rachel Yoder". The books are simple enough that you can read them aloud to smaller kids, and they're great for older kids to read when they get into chapter books. All of these books are innocent enough for my family's tastes but full of vivid detail and fun escapades!

Lukrisi said...

I neglected to mention that I shared a link to your blog on Facebook. :-)